Jessica has a doctorate degree in Audiology and holds a Certificate of Clinical Competence in Audiology with backgrounds in childhood development and education. Throughout her career as an audiologist, she worked with children from birth through the teen years in diagnosing and treating hearing problems. She has several years of experience in aural rehabilitation for children with severe to profound hearing loss.

Jessica began practicing yoga in 2005 as a form of physical exercise and was astounded by the mental and spiritual benefits she received from yoga as well. She attended a yoga teacher training in 2013 and now teaches yoga to all ages. With three young children at home, she has seen directly the benefits of teaching yoga to children. She completed the Yoga to Grow training in June of 2015.

Jessica is looking forward to combining her educational background with her yoga background to provide a balanced practice for children and watch them open their hearts to live a life of love and kindness.

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