Elaine became interested in yoga when she was pregnant with her first child in 2007. She took a prenatal yoga class, and really enjoyed the time to quiet her mind and bond with her baby in utero. She took prenatal yoga classes with her subsequent pregnancies and found that it helped calm her anxieties and keep her body in shape. It was a natural transition for her to practice yoga at home with her littles, and so when the opportunity arose to teach Kid Yoga, Elaine jumped right in.

In February 2015 Elaine lost her brother to cancer. He was a funny, teasing, laughing type of big brother and she mimics his attitude in her kid yoga classes, keeping things light, silly and laid back. Elaine encourages the parents to practice yoga alongside their children, to see what they’re learning, and to spend a quiet playful moment with their child. Life is so busy and hectic, and children and adults alike crave that peaceful feeling within. Her kid yoga classes are non competitive and she allows the kids to grow and develop at their own pace, in yoga and in life.

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