Courtney is a doctor of occupational therapy and yoga teacher who works with children, adolescents, and young adults of all abilities.  She uses mind-body interventions, yoga postures, and breath work with her clients for stress reduction and mind-body integration in age appropriate and developmentally-sound ways.

Courtney has experienced the powerful benefits of yoga for all ages and honors the positive life changes that unfold from practicing yoga.  Courtney finds yoga helps to heal her body and mind.  It energizes each cell in her body to resonate self-healing.  Yoga empowers her to relax, do her best, and know that her best is good enough.

It is Courtney’s aim to enable her clients, of all ages, the resources to activate self-healing of body and mind.  Yoga can nurture sense of self, kindness to self and others, and propel developmental milestones throughout life’s trajectory.  Practicing yoga helps us do the things in life we need and want to do.

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