Carrie Miller has been an avid runner since middle school, even competing in numerous marathons. As she exited her twenties, Carrie began to struggle with muscle and joint pain as a result of her exercise regimen.  A close friend suggested she try yoga and from the first downward facing dog, she was hooked.  She found her issues with soreness and pain lessened more and more as yoga became a greater part of her routine. The ability to practice yoga at any time and within her home has led yoga to replace running as her first passion in regards to exercise. Her world of yoga expanded even more when she spotted her four year old son mimicking her poses during a session.  This was the first step in her journey to discover the benefits that yoga could offer for children and eventually, Yoga to Grow.  

Helping improve the lives of children has been a principal aspect of how Carrie has lived her entire life; starting with daycares in high school to overseeing the well-being of children in emergency shelters during their time of crisis.  Carrie firmly believes that yoga, as an aspect of each person’s day, can improve their physical and mental well-being and she looks forward to sharing her knowledge and expertise will all children.

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