Welcome to our Yoga Class schedule page.  Scroll down to the schedule below to enroll for a class or event.
Registration Overview:

  • Spring Session Begins March 7 – 15.  
  • Class is open for registration when you see the “Sign Up” link located on the first day of the 6 Week Session.
  • If necessary scroll forward on the calendar to locate the “Sign Up” link.
  • Complete the “Sign Up” box.  You are registered for that 6 week session.

Registration Tips and Online Payment:

  • Please use your name when enrolling for the class.  We will contact you for the name and age of your child.
  • When enrolling two children a 10% Sibling Discount applies.
  • When enrolling two children in the same class use two different email addresses to enroll both children.
  • Call, text or email Susan if you need assistance, 573-864-4132. 
  • Visit the Rates page to pay online at the time of registration.

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